What we are learning about in March

Math: We have begun to measure, compare, and create angles using a protractor

Language: We are working on creating a Puppet Theatre performance with Miss. Leblanc's class

Religion: Focusing on the Lenten season

Science: We are creating bridges that can hold a static load

Gym: Beginning to learn the skills required for basketball

Health: Bullying skits

Dance: learning a traditional dance to teach to the class

What we are learning about in February

- Volume of a rectangular prism
- Multiplying two digit whole numbers by two digit whole numbers
- Divide three digit whole numbers by one digit whole numbers
- Multiply decimal numbers by 10, 100, 1000, and 10 000, and divide decimal numbers by 10 and 100

- Article writing
- Editing peers work
- Magazine cover
- Reading Comprehension activities

- being a responsible and committed person

- Forces and Structures

- Dance

- Creating our own gym games
- Tchoukball

What we are learning about...


- being able to read, order, and round decimal numbers to hundredths
- read and write money amounts to $1000


- creating a mystery story that involves all the elements (detective, suspects, clues, mystery event, solution)


- finishing our final projects on digital citizenship
- going to begin reflecting and understanding God's love for us

- finishing learning about the circulatory system
- beginning the digestive system

Physical Education
- Learning the basics of volleyball

- healthy eating and the benefits it has on our health

- continue learning about the difference between high and low pitch
- begin learning about timbre

Math Test

We have a math test this Friday (September 28th). A test review will be going home today to prepare students. The test review is not due back, it is simply to practice the concepts further.
The test will focus on understanding whole numbers up to 100 000.

What we are learning about...


Be able to read, represent, order, and compare whole numbers to 100 000


Writing a recount about last thanksgiving including an introduction paragraph, an events paragraph, and a concluding paragraph


Learning about being a good digital Samaritan


Understanding the structure and function of human body systems

Physical Education
Learning the basics of soccer and being able to play cooperatively on a team

Welcome Back Everyone!

Welcome back! 
 I hope everyone had an amazing summer and that you are as excited as I am to begin the school year!  We are going to have a great year. I am looking forward to meeting all of you on Tuesday. If you are in my morning class I will be teaching you: Math, Language Arts, and Religion If you are in my afternoon class I will be teaching you: Science, Art, Physical Ed. and Health 
This website will keep you informed of important dates/events, as well as what we are learning in our classroom. I will see all your smiling faces next week! Mrs. Devine